Mr Bean's Holiday

I've just watched Mr Bean Holiday today, it gives me quite a laugh, but frankly, whenever I see Mr Bean's face, I feel like want to laugh. Rowan Atkinson a.k.a Mr Bean, has really bring a laugh to everybody in this world, it makes me remember the olden days comedy king Charlie Chaplin... Mr Bean success has even cause it to be produced into cartoons which has really attracted a lot of kids. I think we seldom will see a movie series will be converted into a cartoon, so far I only know 2, which are Mr Bean and Jackie Chan Adventures. We'll really miss you Mr Bean, if one day you decided not to act anymore....
Happy Chinese New Year - Ang Pow (Red Packet)

To explain what is Ang Pow - It's a small red packet that contains some amount of money that normally the married couples will give to children or singles as a token of blessings. In Malaysia, normally those who have married will have to give Ang Pow to those who haven't married like children, teenagers or singles. But understand from my China colleague, normally people in China will give Ang Pow once they have started to work outside. Well, I think I'm more lucky to be born as a Malaysian Chinese because I'm still qualify to receive Ang Pow until the day I'm married, hehe...Because I'm the only child in the family, normally I'll receive a bigger amount of Ang Pow and I'm really happy with that, hehe..That is probably because there are no siblings to share the Ang Pow with me as normally people will give smaller amount but more in quantity of Ang Pow to family that has more kids.
Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow readers and friends. It's pig year of the Lunar Calendar and hey, I belongs to the pig group, hehe...But don't know why, I really do not have any CNY mood this year, don't have mood to do anything, including shop for new clothings which we'll normally do during CNY. I think the reason why I don't have any mood for this CNY probably because I have not reach my goal of retiring early at a very young age. I'm already 24 now and my target age of retiring is 25 but based on my status now, I'm still very far from my goal of retiring at the age of 25. Anyhow, I'm still working very hard towards it.....
The Holiday

Have you watched “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black? Well, I did and double thumbs up for the movie. To briefly introduct what the movie is all about for those who haven’t watch’s basically a romantic love movie that tells you the story of 2 man and 2 women from different region bang into each other and started their love journey. The storyline is kinda fresh to me as I never thought that there will be people willing to exchange their house with a total stranger (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch the movie) most probably my thinking is a bit conservative.

Really I did not have deep interest in this movie if not because of Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet (typical guy thinking, hehe) and the girls are after Jude Law ofcoz. But after watching the movie, I’m deeply impress and touch by the story of the movie. If you haven’t watch it, I would really recommend you to get a copy of DVD or step into the cinema and experience the love of the movie.
What do you think?

I have heard from my friends of other forum. She mentioned that she has just witnessed a girl from a poor community has been raped and now the parents of that girl are forcing that girl to married that rapist because the parents said that who else will marry that girl again after she has been raped.Oh my God, what kind of thinking is this? Forcing a girl to marry a rapist is really an inhuman action, what do you think?For some people point of view, force the rapist to marry the victim is a kind of punishment and this will actually make the rapist more responsible for what they have done to the victim. But who knows what the rapist are thinking, do u really think that the rapist will actually stop his cruel action just because he has married, the answer is certainly a no.What if he repeat his cruel intention by raping a girl again from poor community, is it he should marry that girl again just to escape the punishment? And who will think from the victim points of view? if she has to married to the rapist, will she be able to face her future husband who is the rapist himself.If she is married to the rapist, this actually gives the rapist a license to rape his wife again and again...I really dare not imagine that scene....In my point of view, the authority should have an effective punishment for rapist so that they'll not repeat their cruel action again.own use. Probably it's quite new and 1st of the kind in market, so people might not easily accept it. But if we think further, this product is kinda useful for people who really need it. Just think, will u feel embarrassed by buying fartypants or will you feel more embarrased by farting in front of other people. :)