Happy Chinese New Year - Ang Pow (Red Packet)

To explain what is Ang Pow - It's a small red packet that contains some amount of money that normally the married couples will give to children or singles as a token of blessings. In Malaysia, normally those who have married will have to give Ang Pow to those who haven't married like children, teenagers or singles. But understand from my China colleague, normally people in China will give Ang Pow once they have started to work outside. Well, I think I'm more lucky to be born as a Malaysian Chinese because I'm still qualify to receive Ang Pow until the day I'm married, hehe...Because I'm the only child in the family, normally I'll receive a bigger amount of Ang Pow and I'm really happy with that, hehe..That is probably because there are no siblings to share the Ang Pow with me as normally people will give smaller amount but more in quantity of Ang Pow to family that has more kids.