What do you think?

I have heard from my friends of other forum. She mentioned that she has just witnessed a girl from a poor community has been raped and now the parents of that girl are forcing that girl to married that rapist because the parents said that who else will marry that girl again after she has been raped.Oh my God, what kind of thinking is this? Forcing a girl to marry a rapist is really an inhuman action, what do you think?For some people point of view, force the rapist to marry the victim is a kind of punishment and this will actually make the rapist more responsible for what they have done to the victim. But who knows what the rapist are thinking, do u really think that the rapist will actually stop his cruel action just because he has married, the answer is certainly a no.What if he repeat his cruel intention by raping a girl again from poor community, is it he should marry that girl again just to escape the punishment? And who will think from the victim points of view? if she has to married to the rapist, will she be able to face her future husband who is the rapist himself.If she is married to the rapist, this actually gives the rapist a license to rape his wife again and again...I really dare not imagine that scene....In my point of view, the authority should have an effective punishment for rapist so that they'll not repeat their cruel action again.own use. Probably it's quite new and 1st of the kind in market, so people might not easily accept it. But if we think further, this product is kinda useful for people who really need it. Just think, will u feel embarrassed by buying fartypants or will you feel more embarrased by farting in front of other people. :)